Taking the first steps – Start with a plan for the food

There I was in June of 2012, weighing 198 lbs and unable to walk a mile without getting winded.  None of my clothes fit properly.  I had a lot of weight to lose and I was in horrible shape.  I knew that there were 2 angles of attack,  lowering my caloric intake and burning more calories.

Getting a Handle on the Food I Ate 

The first thing I needed to do was start tracking my calories.  At first I was just tracking what I ate and trying to be a good girl with my diet.   That was somewhat successful when I was heavier.  My goal was to make sure I burned more calories than I ate.  Tracking calories may seem tedious, but you do become much more aware of what you are eating with that method.

I started looking around the internet for calorie counting tools.  There are several out there to choose from.   I started with MyFitnessPal.com.  This site is free, paid for by advertising.   This site has a robust database of foods with full nutritional information as well as calorie counts.   You can set goals for yourself and track how you do each day.  You can look up exercise and estimate your calories for your workouts.  There is an online community, a mobile app, and it synchronizes with other tools like Body Media and FitBit.

Due to an ad on that site, I ended up at JillianMichaels.com, where I bought my Body Media Core band and began using that site.  Again, this site also has a calorie tracking, an online community, exercise trackers, and of course synchronizes with Body Media.  This site has periodic challenges to help you with your exercise.  I am currently active on that site as fatbottomgirlchili.

I’ve also used BiggestLoser.com when it was free while season 14 was on the air.   I followed a number of those folks to sparkpeople.com, which is I’m currently using actively.  My handle there is ELIVINGSTONTX.

After I has lost about 30 lbs, I began to plateau.  That is when I started doing more research on nutrition.   You’ll enjoy my blog on my experiences with meal plans just as soon as I get it written.

If you are just getting started, check out one of the sites and pick one that works for you to track your calories and exercise.    Make sure you don’t eat too few calories.  Eating too few will throw your body into starvation mode.  Doing that long term can damage your system.


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